Loan based on a statement – check what this offer is!

What is a loan based on a statement?

What is a loan based on a statement?

If you want to raise additional funds, you can take advantage of various loan and credit offers. They differ not only in interest rate, amount and repayment date, but also in terms of granting. It is from this angle that it is necessary to explain what a loan based on a statement means – it is a type of credit product which requires not providing income documents, but only providing information on them in the form of a statement.

Income documents, e.g. a salary certificate, must be presented when applying for standard loans and credit because they are used to examine the creditworthiness of the applicant. Income is an important element of such an analysis because it allows you to determine whether the borrower will have the means to repay the liability within the prescribed period.

In the case of a loan based on a declaration, the applicant must only enter the income information in the application form without having to document it.

Usually it is about providing data such as:

  • amount of monthly income,
  • source of income (whether it is e.g. an employment contract, mandate contract or maybe a pension).

Such income statement is treated by financial institutions as a source of reliable information, which is why entering false data in the form may be considered as misleading the creditor or even intent to extort a loan.

Very similar to the products on the statement are the so-called loans without certificates, because they also do not need to provide documents from the employer. Often, both names are used interchangeably for the same products.

Loan for a declaration without BIK – is it possible?

Loan for a declaration without BIK - is it possible?

People who are not permanently employed or in debt are often looking for loans. Standard credit products are not available to them due to the need to provide income statements and a flawless credit history.

For them, the best solution would be a loan for a statement without BIK and databases, which obtaining not only would not involve documenting income, but also examining the debt. Such solutions exist and these are mainly quick loans without BIG, where only the information provided by the customer in the form and obtained from selected databases such as KRD or InfoMonitor are taken into account when verifying the application.

In turn, about 90% of loan institutions already use the Credit Information Bureau database, which obtain data on the amount of customer debt and their timeliness in settling credit obligations. It is for this reason that a loan without a BIK based on a statement for those in debt is offered only by a few institutions.

However, we have good news: loan companies approach the client’s financial situation very individually and are able to provide financing to, for example, the unemployed or those who have slight delays in paying their liabilities.

How do I apply for a loan online?

How do I apply for a loan online?

The loan for an online statement allows primarily to obtain additional funds without submitting earnings certificates. It consists in the fact that the entire application and financing procedure is carried out via the Internet.

If you want to use it, first select the best offer – the list of companies offering such products can be found in the following paragraphs.

To submit the application you will only need Internet access, as well as your ID card and bank account number. On the lender’s page, select your loan parameters and then complete the form. Most often the following data should be entered:

  • name, surname, place of residence,
  • PESEL number and ID card series,
  • Bank account number,
  • income statement,
  • information on obligations such as maintenance costs, loan installments, etc.

Applying for a loan online via a statement consists of completing the form and verifying your identity (e.g. by transferring a penny to your loan institution’s account). Then just wait for the application to be processed, which usually takes a few minutes.

Income loan loan – loan companies’ requirements

Income loan loan - loan companies

In principle, cash loans for income statements do not require any documents. However, some companies may ask you to access your account history through a special application.

The lender may also want to confirm the accuracy of your income details by contacting your employer directly. Then it will ask you at the stage of applying for a loan to enter contact details in the workplace.

The income statement is also used by banks when granting certain cash loans. Usually, they can be used to borrow small amounts and they are mainly products addressed to customers who have a personal account at a given bank.

Who can take out a loan on a statement?

Who can take out a loan on a statement?

The loans on the statement can be used by people who meet the conditions of the lender (we wrote about them above). It is worth checking them before submitting the application, because each institution may have slightly different requirements for its clients.

Information on this subject can be found on the website of the loan company – in a special tab, framework agreement or in the FAQ section.

Remember that the basic condition for obtaining financing is having a source of income! The only convenience is that you do not need to document them.

What to watch out for when borrowing a statement?

What to watch out for when borrowing a statement?

Using a cash loan based on your statement, especially online, is a convenient solution that saves you time in formalities. If you want to get additional funds quickly, this product will be a good choice.

However, before you submit an application, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • the lender, without requiring a statement of earnings, may take a closer look at your situation in BIK and BIG,
  • with higher loan amounts it may be necessary to provide documents confirming the income,
  • Your income statement should contain true information, because loan companies have many options to verify,
  • overestimating your income in a statement is risky – based on that, you can get a loan that is too high, and then you can’t pay it back on time, and the consequences of not repaying the loan can get you into serious trouble.

Also remember to compare offers and choose the one that is currently the cheapest before you take out a loan on the statement. Take a moment to read reviews about the lender to enter into a contract with a proven and honest financial institution.