Loan for a giro check – what does it consist of?

Non-bank companies are trying to adapt their offers to the needs and expectations of their clients. They prepare proposals for indebted people who have problems with taking a loan from a bank. They offer payday loans and installment loans, guaranteeing minimum formalities and immediate money.

They also provide financial support to people without a bank account. No bill required, so-called loan for a giro check allows you to get cash even within 5 minutes of issuing a positive decision in a loan company. Let’s find out more details about this solution.

Loan for giro check – what is that?

Loan for giro check - what is that?

If you have ever had contact with the financial products of banks and non-bank institutions, then you know that borrowed money can be paid out in several different ways. A giro check is just as popular as online transfers.

The giro check is a document on the basis of which you can collect money from a post office loan. Its history dates back to the beginnings of the banking sector. The word ‘giro’ comes from the Italian language and means, among others turnover, which in this case means money trading. That is why the giro check loan option is used by non-bank institutions and sometimes even banks.

Loans with a giro check – where to get such a loan?

Loans with a giro check - where to get such a loan?

Loans with check giro provides many lenders. Non-bank companies are aware of the fact that their clients have different expectations regarding the services they offer, and do not want to close themselves to any of their groups of recipients.

Therefore, if you want to use the giro check loan option, review the current ranking to find out which online payday loans are the cheapest, and before submitting your application, make sure that the offer you choose meets your expectations.

Giro check loan – who is the offer for?

Giro check loan - who is the offer for?

The giro loan is a great solution for older people who do not have a bank account. Such a solution will also appeal to people who do not want the transaction history to show a trace of the loan.

A significant part of loans is granted only after verifying the customer’s identity. One way is to make a verification transfer. As you know, people without a bank account are not able to perform it. Fortunately, the giro check loan allows you to confirm your details in a different way, e.g. by courier who will provide us with the contract or at the post office where we will make the check.

It is therefore a good solution for people who cannot verify their identity on the basis of a transfer or simply do not have funds on their bank account. Many people run bank accounts with their spouse.

Often, lending companies reserve that the loan should go to a personal account that belongs only to the person lending the money. The solution for people with shared accounts is a giro check loan.

People with debts often try to get more money by postal order in the hope that this will solve their financial problems. Unfortunately, there is no loan for the giro check for those in debt. Few companies make loans to people with a bank account. There is none among them that would offer payment at the post office.

Wait for a giro check – how to cash a check?

Wait for a giro check - how to cash a check?

First, we start by choosing a company whose offer meets our expectations. If it offers online loans for a giro check, please indicate the appropriate form of withdrawal when filling out the application.

To do this, select the option – collect the loan at the post office using the giro check – and then complete the application process as directed by the lender.

The giro check is easy to deposit and looks like this:

  1. Apply for a loan, indicating the giro check as a form of withdrawal.
  2. Visit the nearest Polish Post office.
  3. Present proof and a giro check attached to the contract.
  4. Collect money

Instant cash for the giro check is paid only on the basis of an identity card. Each bank and non-banking institution individually identifies any additional documents necessary to grant the loan.

Loans for giro checks – pros and cons

Loans for giro checks - pros and cons


  • you do not need to have a bank account,
  • no need to wait for the bank transfer to be credited – the money is paid directly to your hand,
  • applying for a loan is simple and formalities are kept to a minimum,
  • verification transfer is not required,
  • the possibility of taking a loan without funds on the account.


  • extended waiting time for a loan,
  • the giro check is only valid for one week,
  • additional fee for issuing a giro check in the amount of USD 13.

A giro check loan is a type of financial liability that has a number of advantages, but it is not without its disadvantages. Remember that this is a loan like any other that will have to be repaid under the terms of the contract. Therefore, choose the offer that suits not only your expectations, but also financial possibilities.